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  Ampzilla THE legend    
  Audiolab 8000A Another legend Sold Too bad
  Bipolar amps Several designs here    
  Carvin 1000 2 x 500 W PA amplifier    
  Elektor Crescendo 140W Mosfet  
  Elektor Medium power amp Works Built & in use, sounds good
  Elektor Miniature amp: +/-3V    
  Elektor Medium Mosfet amp    
  Elektor Mini Mosfet amps    
  Elrad 100W Not finished  
  ETI 300W Not finished
  Futterman OTL Legendary tube amp    
  Gas Ampzilla III Famous    
  Hiraga Monster 8W class A Works Built & in use, sounds good
  Hiraga 20W 20W class A Not finished  
  Japanese amps They're Audiophiles OK!!!    
  Kaneda OTL Two hybrid tube OTL designs    
  Krell Power amps and one RIAA    
  Mos-1 70W   Case finished as is PCB layout
  Mosfet amps Hiraga & other    
  Mosfet PA-105 120W Mosfet Works Built & in use for 20 years
  Nelson Pass 40W class A   Nelson Pass home page
  Phase Linear amps Several classic designs    
  Rane MA6S MA6S Picture   PDF only
  Sakadati amp      
  TDA 2030 ETI IC amp w/regulated PSU    
  TDA 2030 PE IC bridge amp    
  Tube amps Knoppson & maybe more   Andrea Ciuffoli Audio Design Guide